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  1. This morning looking out my kitchen window, I saw a lone coyote in the field east of me, about 35-40 feet from my house. We all know they are around. You can hear them some evenings. We just don’t think they are right by our homes. Please watch out for any outdoor pets.

    1. We are saddened to inform you of the passing of David Israel. Visitation service is from 4-7 Sunday, April 13 and the funeral service is Monday April 14. All services held at Staab Funeral Home.

      Cherry Hills Baptist Church will host a meal after services conclude at their building. All funeral attendees are invited.

      Bill Clary

  2. Thank you Don and Jennifer for the wonderful letter you posted. This is so nice of you to do this. Again, thanks and I hope you and the Mrs have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year-2014! I’m so proud to be even a little person on your board. I will try even harder this coming year to make Franklin Park Estates the best of the best places to live in Springfield, and the safest!
    Your Friend and Fellow Board Member,
    Ed Urban

  3. I love driving on the newly resurfaced Hazel Dell road!

    Thank you Don, Jennifer, Bill, and all the committee members for all your work getting this neighborhood association off the ground. For YEARS that road (and we) were ignored and now it’s obvious that our collective voices are now speaking louder than any of our individual voices ever did.

    Thank you all, again.

  4. Great block party last night. Thanks Janice for letting us use your area for this party. The firetruck, rescue dogs, food, drinks, and games were without, wonderful for those that attended. I know I enjoyed myself while there, sorry I had to leave early, but I hope next time we can pick a different day of the week. Happy, happy, happy! Also, thanks to all those that helped put all this together. This is great for our Franklin Park Neighborhoods. We even got more members and Captains for the Neighborhood Watch!

  5. So sorry to report the death of Janet Urban, wife of board member Ed Urban. Visitation and funeral at Wilson Funeral Home, Monday, September 16. This is in Rochester and she will be buried in Rochester Cemetery.

    We sorrow with you, Ed.

  6. Any news on when Hazel Dell is going to be repaved? At our meeting in March the guy from the city said it was going to happen, but summer is almost gone. The only activity I’ve seen is (1) the surveyors several months ago and (2) the patching of potholes a month or so ago. The patching worried me…why patch if they are really going to repave? Anyone have any insight into this?

    1. Being from the construction engineering field of work. They can pave roads all the way through November as long as its not snowing at the time but I have paved in the snow to. I would say that it will be later then sooner since they were adding the storm sewer fix at the bridge. When adding/changing projects that majorly in the scope of work. I can take months on end to get the plans and money approved for the added work. Hope this helps

  7. Hey guys and girls, sorry I could not be there the last two days to help with the rock, but all I can do is give each and everyone who was there a pat on your back! Looks good with the new rock. Good job doing that hard and heavy work. Franklin Park Estates should be proud of what a few have done to make this a better place to live and grow! You all are HERO’S!

    1. Thank you Ed. We appreciate your kind words and you must know that I have you and especially your wife close in my heart and prayers. We know you were with us in spirit. Just want you to attend to the priority…your wife and family….and we will love seeing you when you can, want or need to be with us.

  8. Thanks Don for sprucing up the website. It looks great! Thanks to the Beautification Committee for sprucing up the entrance signs! They are awesome!

  9. The volunteers for the Bulk Pick Up Challenge were phenomenal! That was a large task to undertake and WE DID IT. Thanks goes out to everyone who planned, passed out flyers, worked the drop off hours, straightened up the piles, and final cleanup. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

    1. The city has picked up most of the debris and I anticipate they will return for the rest. I will make a call tomorrow to be sure. God Bless and thank everyone who did anything to make this event a success. It couldn’t have happened without you! thank you!


  10. I saw someone, no name, lol, weeding out the entrance on Hazel Crest yesterday, Monday……lol. Good job in making the entrance look better. Weeds MUST GO! Thanks for all your work.

  11. If you want to have a picture of yourself on here in the comment section, like I do, you have to sign up for wordpress.com, and on your page, just install a picture of yourself. It is also a nice place to do your likes etc. Good web site.
    Ed Urban

  12. Seen today at Lake Pointe subdivision at along Toronoto rd. and they had a salvation Army truck to pickup unwanted stuff after their garage sales. Just an Idea

  13. Nice to see the signs on Hazelcrest, Milan and Trowbridge. I hope that this will be noticied by the many drivers to our subdivision. Don’t forget the upcoming garage sale April 27 from 8-1.

  14. Don, maybe we need to put the pictures back up of the entrance signs being worked on ? Also, pictures of the new signs on Hazel Dell Road. We could show that something is being done. What do you think?

  15. NOTE…It’s time to Spring Forward again. Before going to bed on March 9th, move your clock UP 1 hour! Also check your batteries in all your smoke detectors.

    Ed Urban

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